Dissertation/Book project: 

The Threat of Small Things: Patterns of Repression and Mobilization Against Micro-Sized Groups in Indonesia

My dissertation investigates an oft-overlooked puzzle in the literature on ethnic and religious conflict: conflict involving groups constituting less than 1% of the population. Why, given the absence of political or economic threat, do micro-sized groups become targets of mobilization and repression? To answer this question, I use a novel geo-coded dataset of anti-Ahmadiyah and anti-Shi’a incidents in Indonesia to substantiate the puzzle and conducted 135 interviews with religious minorities, perpetrators, and politicians. I argue that micro-sized groups are seen as threatening when they visibly challenge the constitutive foundations of a group through the occupation of public space. When political entrepreneurs are incentivized to broadcast local contestations over public space to a larger audience, the micro-sized group becomes seen as a threat to the broader collective. In the case of Indonesia, these incentives were introduced by democratization and decentralization, which made local clientelist networks politically significant. 


ARTICLES (Peer Reviewed):

“Informal Networks and Religious Intolerance: How Clientelism Incentivizes the Discrimination of the Ahmadiyah in Indonesia.” 2018. Citizenship Studies, vol 22, no. 2, pp. 191-207. 

 “The De-Escalation of Violence and the Political Economy of Peace Mongering: Evidence from Maluku, Indonesia” (with Alexandre Pelletier). 2017. South East Asia Research, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 325-341.


“A Threat to Stability? Islamic Extremism and Fundamentalism in Indonesia” (with Jacques Bertrand). 2015. Canadian Institute for Governance and Innovation Paper Series No.95. 

Manuscripts in progress:

"The Threat of Small Things: The Occupation of Public Space and the Persecution of Micro-Sized Groups in Indonesia." Job Market Paper.

“Towards Active Reflexivity: Positionality and Practice in the Production of Knowledge” (with Aarjen Glas). In circulation. 

“The Logic of Display” (with Lilach Gilady and Lahoma Thomas). In progress.